"This Masonic Conference Center now combines a youthful environment with a high-tech, comfortable adult training center. In its own right, the new Masonic Conference Center is like the magnificent and historic Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, and the beautiful and stately Masonic Homes across the road. It is unrivaled by any other Masonic facility in the world.

"We are on the road to the Twenty-first Century. But, let us not be mistaken about our purpose. We did not build this Multimedia Center merely for the technology or comfort it affords. We did not establish this facility solely to improve services to adult or youth programs. And, we did not erect this structure to make history for ourselves, or to preserve a tradition.

"We have constructed and dedicated this Multimedia Center as a better means for training young people to assume useful roles in society. We have established this Masonic Conference Center to provide more opportunities for training adults, with or without Masonic affiliation, to better serve and guide young people through the pitfalls of adolescence -- the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse -- the tragedy of teenage suicide -- the destruction of abuse and neglect.

"Let there be no misunderstanding. Masons build for the future. Masons build to the Glory of God! Masons build their own character, while concerning themselves with enhancing the quality of life for others. Whether here at the Masonic Conference Center, or across Bainbridge Road at the magnificent Masonic Homes complex, these guiding principles of Freemasonry are acted upon daily."

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