The Grand Master's Medallion

The Grand Master's Medallion"Brotherhood Serving Mankind" encircling an adult and children on the 1999 Grand Master's Medallion relates R.W. Grand Master James L. Ernette's expression of Pennsylvania Freemasonry's Faithful dedication to caring for the Family, Fraternity, and Community -- A Perfect Match.

The Medallion is a bronze token designed at the direction of the Grand Master to identify his administration on one side and reflect his philosophy for the Fraternity in the Jurisdiction on the reverse. The Grand Master traditionally presents or awards the Medallion at special ceremonies, visitations, recognitions, and to visiting dignitaries.

Grand Master Ernette defines the message on the reverse as:

"Faith" - The Mason believes and places his trust in a Supreme Being and maintains an abiding relationship in the Brotherhood of Man.

"Family" - A Mason's own family always comes first and should be a part of the Fraternity's social activities. Likewise, there is a tie that binds among appendant bodies and organizations that make up the "Family of Freemasonry."

"Fraternity" - Every Mason needs to set the proud fraternal example at all times, act and live the principles of the Fraternity, strive to make good men better, exude honesty in business and civic relationships, and practice moderation in recreation.

"Community" - The Masonic lodge should be a viable force in its community, visible and active in community services and programs, caring for neighbors in need, and always serving mankind.

It is all "A Perfect Match."

"Brotherhood Serving Mankind"