Bro. labaugh, R.W. Grand master Ernette and Bro. Williamson

Thomas R. Labagh and Grand Master Ernette congratulate Past Grand Master Williamson in front of the copy of the portrait that will hang in the new Samuel C. Williamson Multimedia Center.

To a musical background of "If You Believe," Thomas R. Labagh set the stage eloquently for Grand Master Ernette to proclaim that the new facility will be known as the "Samuel C. Williamson Multimedia Center" and for the unveiling of a portrait of Bro. Williamson that will hang in the lobby. He said:


"Do you hear your dreams?

"Do you dare to have dreams?

"IF YOU BELIEVE it will happen -- it CAN HAPPEN!!

"Bro. Thomas Ranken Patton dreamed of a school for orphans of Masons, to give them a chance at success in life. He BELIEVED in his dream, and it was realized!

"Bro. Samuel C. Williamson dreamed of establishing a foundation to support the Masonic youth groups, and to bring them to this facility, which had closed its doors after 50 years of faithful service. He BELIEVED in his dream, and it was realized!

"In 1997, Bro. James L. Ernette, then R.W. Deputy Grand Master, began to dream of a state-of-the-art multimedia center -- (and it is, as you will soon see). He dreamed of a facility for Masons, for youth, for D.A.R.E., for G.R.E.A.T., and for all who would serve the youth of our Commonwealth. He not only dreamed -- as any great leader, he shared his dream with those on his team who could help him achieve it. HE BELIEVED IN HIS DREAM -- HE BELIEVED IN HIS TEAM. They all believed in his dream and shared with hundreds of members and craftsmen. Working together, they focused on a common goal, and with good planning, talent, and good old-fashioned hard work, and BELIEVE IN THE DREAM, it was realized!



"The greatest of all was the dream of Samuel C. Williamson, who had a vision of this facility continuing to serve the purposes of Thomas Ranken Patton . . . to serve youth, and to serve Freemasonry.

"Because you dared to dream, Brother and 'Dad' Williamson . . . because YOU BELIEVED IN YOUR DREAM and DARED US TO DREAM, Pennsylvania DeMolay has a gift for you and for the Masonic Fraternity."

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