Volume LVIIIFebruary 2011Number 1

Newly Raised Members of Lodge No. 19 Tour the Grand Lodge

On May 8, 2010, the newly initiated members of Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19, Philadelphia, their first line signers and the lodge officers met to tour the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia and to enjoy a festive lunch at a member's restaurant.

Bro. Bart Davis, P.M., planned the event to help new brethren, who are currently getting their degrees, as well as newly raised Master Masons, to meet men who were not their recommenders, feel more comfortable with the process of becoming a Mason and learn about our magnificent Masonic Temple. His hope is that these men will feel more comfortable coming to lodge meetings and will become active in the lodge. The event was attended by 31 men and was a resounding success.

Left side, back-front: Bros. Michael W. Rabinowitch, J.W.; Josh D. Vasquez; Richard G. Jones, P.M., W.M.; Bart Davis, P.M.; and Hal Doner
Right side, back-front: Bros. Dennis J. Beerley; David Parker, P.M.; Chris W. Depalma; and Kevin M. Hill

Fun at the Range

Bro. Jeffery S. Greene, Past District Deputy Grand Master for District C and president of the PA Shield and Square Club, consisting of Masons who are active or retired Law Enforcement Officers, resurrected the club's Annual Pistol Competition.

On May 15, 2010, 20 members of the club met at the Pistol People Indoor Range in Bensalem. The owner/operator, Bro. Steve Rementer, Jerusalem Lodge No. 506, Philadelphia, a retired Philadelphia Police Stakeout Officer, donated the use of the facility for a competition shoot.

The guest of honor was R.W. Grand Secretary Mark A. Haines, who was shooting for the first time. Bro. Rementer, a qualified firearms instructor, gave Bro. Haines a 30-minute safety course in pistol shooting after which Bro. Mike Pale, Williamson-Corinthian Lodge No. 368, Philadelphia, range instructor, escorted Bro. Haines to the firing line. With Bro. Pale's assistance, Bro. Haines successfully competed in the competition. We can report Bro. Haines (a.k.a. Dead Eye) did not finish in first place, nor did he finish last.

After the competition, everyone gathered for lunch and the announcement of the winners.

First Place: Bro. Bruce Mouat, W.K. Bray Lodge No. 410, Hatboro
Second Place: Bro. Anthony (Bud) Garvey, P.M., Richard Vaux-Ivanhoe Lodge No. 384, Philadelphia
Third Place: Bro. Thomas A. Spoltore, P.M., Joseph H. Brown Lodge No. 751, Philadelphia

The awards were given at the club's June meeting. Everyone had a good time and plans were being made for next year's event going state-wide.

First row, left-right: Bros. Peter Perry Sr., Joseph H. Brown Lodge No. 751; Edward H. Cervonka, P.M., Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19 and Joseph H. Brown Lodge; Mark A. Haines, P.M., R.W. Grand Secretary; and Danny Hinds, P.M., Aide to Grand Master, William L. Elkins No. 271; all of Philadelphia
Second row, left-right: Bros. Peter Perry, Jr., Joseph H. Brown Lodge; Philip Formicola, Joseph H. Brown Lodge and Richard Vaux-Ivanhoe Lodge No. 384; Thomas A. Spoltore, Joseph H. Brown Lodge; Santo Bocchinfuso, Washington Lodge No. 59 and Joseph H. Brown Lodge; Jeffery S. Greene, P.M., P.D.D.G.M., Joseph H. Brown Lodge and, Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge; all of Philadelphia
Third row, left-right: Bros. Anthony J. Garvey, P.M., Richard Vaux-Ivanhoe Lodge; Bruce Mouat, W.K. Bray Lodge; William A. Klosz, P.M., Joseph H. Brown Lodge and Widener-Apollo Kensington Lodge No. 211, Philadephia; Bro. William C. Brown, P.M., Richard Vaux-Ivanhoe Lodge; and Bro. Charles E. Quaste, Widener-Apollo Kensington Lodge
Back row: Bro. Stephen R. Rementer, range owner/ operator, Jerusalem Lodge No. 506, Philadelphia

A "New Option" for Today's Donor

The Masonic Charities of the R.W. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania has embarked on a "new" donation option that offers donors more convenient ways to give. Donors now have the option to have their charitable gifts automatically withdrawn from their bank account or charged to their credit card monthly.

Automatic withdrawal works the same way as paying your mortgage, loan payments, utilities or insurance premiums.

Important Benefits for You, the Donor:
  • Easier to fulfill charitable commitments
  • Allows you to contribute even when you're away
  • Easier personal budgeting
  • You don't have to worry about your checks being lost or stolen.

The monthly electronic transfer or credit card charge will cost you nothing. We will give you proof of your donations at the end of the year for tax purposes. Your monthly bank statement or credit card statement will provide you with a record of transfer as additional proof of your donations.

To join the Masonic Charities Loyalty Club, please call the Office of Gift Planning at (800) 599-6454 or go to our Web site, www.pagrandlodge.org. On the left panel, click on "Gift Planning" and then on "Online Gifts." Scroll 2/3 of the way down the page and click to download the "Masonic Charities Loyalty Club" form. Please mail it to: Masonic Charities, Office of Gift Planning, One Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

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