Volume LVIFebruary 2009Number 1

A Safe and Happy Home

The Bleiler Caring Cottage is a residential program on the campus of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown designed to meet the needs of families with individuals who have mild to moderate developmental disabilities.

The cottage is home to eight adults, and services include meals, transportation, leisure and lifelong learning programs, social events and assistance with daily living. Staff, who are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provide an interactive and stimulating setting with the adults' developmental goals in mind to enhance their self-esteem, recognize their talents and explore their creativity.

Residents of the cottage have access to the same amenities provided to those in our retirement community, including the wellness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, farm market, model railroad club, non-denominational church services and extensive outpatient clinics. They may also pursue their own career opportunities as they desire.

The Bleiler Caring Cottage environment encourages families to stay connected, while offering its residents independence and the freedom make new friends and explore new interests.

"It's wonderful. Our daughter is very happy and in good health due to the care given to her by the staff. She enjoys going out to eat, swimming, singing - lots of things. The staff take the residents on trips, including Ocean City, Maryland, and they interact with other groups. We appreciate the Masons providing a safe and happy home for our daughter."

- Mort and Miriam Weiman

We currently have two openings in our cottage. If you or anyone you know has a loved one who is 18 years or older and may be looking for a caring home for his or her special needs, or would like additional information about this unique program, please call the Outreach Program at (800) 462-7664. There is no Masonic affiliation required.

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