Volume LVIFebruary 2009Number 1

Masonic Blood Donor Club: Giving So Others May Live

Donating blood can help save the lives of multiple strangers, and is an act that can be repeated over and over again. As a member of a fraternity devoted to the welfare of mankind, Masons are the ideal candidates to make such a sacrifice. It is no surprise to hear that the Masonic Blood Donor Club, started more than 40 years ago, has grown to include more than 32,000 members.

The Masonic Blood Donor Club is not a blood bank, but rather a blood assurance plan, which is a group of people who join together and agree to donate blood on a routine basis in anticipation of the future blood needs of the group's members. Participation offers members cost-free blood replacement on a nationwide basis, as long as the hospital is a member of the American Association of Blood Banks. This offers valuable protection for members and their families, since most health insurance policies may not pay for all the blood required.

Membership in the Masonic Blood Donor Club provides coverage for the member, his spouse and all children up to 18 years of age. The applicant or a substitute (family member, friend or neighbor) is required to donate one unit of blood to join; however, there is no financial cost to become a member. Voluntary financial donations would be accepted.

Any time a blood donation is made, whether at a blood drive affiliated with a Masonic organization or a public event, the donor should tell the staff they are donating for the Masonic Blood Donor Club and give the member's name. Some, but not all, centers keep records. If a brother passes away, his wife retains his membership.

For a new membership form, visit the Grand Lodge Web site at www.pagrandlodge.org and select Blood/Organ Donors from the left panel.

If you would like more information, if your lodge, valley or shrine wants to set up a Bloodmobile, or to participate in a Bloodmobile with a local church, school or business, please e-mail Bro. Norman A. Fox, Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19, Philadelphia, or contact Bro. William Gottschalk, Frankford Lodge No. 292, Philadelphia, at (717) 361-4067 or via e-mail.

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