Volume LVIFebruary 2009Number 1

Call 'em All... It DOES Make a Difference!

As of the end of November 2008, 337 lodges were participating in the Call 'em All program. During the first 11 months that the program was made available to lodges, participants made 5,028 broadcasts which generated 760,207 individual calls.

Many lodges have become great advocates of Call 'em All as an easy, quick and effective communication tool. Bro. Bill Kingsbury, District Deputy Grand Master, attests that it's a valuable tool for the brethren of District C. "We've had great success with very active members reaching out to one another and getting to meetings as well as fun, interesting and provoking programs. I've seen revitalized interest in participation across the district," he said. "Call 'em All played a big part in all of that."

For example, the district held an enjoyable, low-cost "Masons Night Out" by inviting brethren from across the district to the LuLu Temple to play some pool, ping pong and pinball. "Everyone was having a blast when I showed up. They were enjoying pizza, soda and just hanging out," Bro. Kingsbury said. "Events like this help brethren get to know one another and make it more likely they'll attend lodge meetings. The format of Masonic meetings is not conducive for a lot of conversation, and nobody wants to show up to a room full of strangers." By building and strengthening relationships outside of lodge, brethren feel more comfortable knowing they have friends to sit with during meetings.

Members of District C have also hosted a bowling night, a family night out to a Phantoms game and other activities to get to know one another in a less formal setting. "The goal is just to keep the activities coming!" Bro. Kingsbury emphasized.

And it's all possible through Call 'em All!

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