Volume LIVFebruary 2007Number 1

Bro. Stark Sets His Name in Type
By Giving Back to the Fraternity that Prepared Him for Success

Left to right: Bros. Joseph E. Murphy, C.E.O. for the Masonic Villages; Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W. Grand Master; Robert F. Stark; Samuel C. Williamson, R.W.P.G.M.; Alvin H. Blitz, Chief Director of Gift Planning for the Masonic Charities; and Thomas R. Labagh, Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation

The Stark Atrium is the new name for the large lobby space that is central to Memorial Hall at the Masonic Conference Center - Patton Campus. Constructed in 1998, this is the first area to be named as a result of the Capital Campaign for the Masonic Charities of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and represents a very significant contribution by Bro. Robert F. Stark to the Masonic Villages and the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation. His interest in giving back to the fraternity and to youth is natural - he credits much of his personal and fraternal success to his experiences with DeMolay.

Bro. Bob is a 45-year member of Pennsylvania Freemasonry. He was entered into Lucius H. Scott Lodge No. 352 on March 13, Crafted on April 10 and Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on May 8, 1961.

Bro. Bob's introduction to Freemasonry came from his involvement with DeMolay, which he joined at the age of 19, on Feb. 21, 1959, as a Charter Member of Chester Chapter, Order of DeMolay. Bro. Bob was a DeMolay prodigy, for in just two short years, he had served as Master Councilor and Scribe of the chapter. He also received two key awards - the Representative DeMolay Award and Distinguished Service Award, and ultimately was honored as a recipient of the Degree of Chevalier.

Not long after he joined the lodge, he became Chapter Advisor of Chester Chapter, and led the chapter to national recognition as Chapter of the Year. The chapter had a reputation as one of the top chapters for many years. He served on the staff of many national DeMolay Leadership Conferences, and was renowned for his public speaking abilities and his ritualistic performances. He was awarded the Guild of the Leather Apron, also known as the Advisor of the Year Award, in 1966.

Bro. Bob served as District Deputy for DeMolay District 41 in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania for many years.

He also served as Director of Membership for New Jersey DeMolay in the mid-1970s for several years when they needed his expert services.

Bro. Bob served as Worshipful Master in 1969 and again in 1977. After the merger of Lucius H. Scott Lodge on Dec. 27, 1994, Bro. Bob transferred his membership to Concord Lodge No. 625.

Bro. Stark is a court stenographer, having attended Temple University and graduating from the Stenotype Institute of Washington, D.C., in 1959. Recognized for his expert skills, he was the National Typewriting Champion in 1964. He has taught and written about his craft for many years. He is a court reporter for the San Diego Superior Court of California and to this day has avoided computerization, while still providing the fastest turn-around of court documents in the district.

Bro. Bob was coroneted an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, with the 33º in 1979. He was a resident of Broomall and has lived in San Diego, Calif., for the past 26 years. While living in San Diego, he studied acting and starred in several plays. He is also a member of the Franklin Legacy Society.

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