Volume LIVFebruary 2007Number 1

Pennsylvania Brethren Travel to England!

Bro. Mark Stavish, Wyoming Lodge No. 468, was recently invited to London by movie producer and director Guy Ritchie to be interviewed for a feature length film on the ancient mystery teachings and esotericism. The Grand Historian of the United Grand Lodge of England was also interviewed, and there will be considerable discussion of Freemasonry in the movie, as well. After its release, the movie will be followed up with a six-hour DVD, making it a significant contribution to our understanding of these ancient beliefs and their importance in modern life. Bro. Stavish is an internationally known authority on Hermeticism and Kabbalah, whose publications have appeared in nine languages.

See p. 11 for review of Bro. Stavish's book relevent to this topic.

Back row: Bros. Harry R. Carter III, J.W.; James J. Diem, P.M.; Richard P. DiMucci, P.M.; David M. Director, P.M., Secretary Front Row: Bros. Henry A. Seigel, P.M., Treasurer; Barry Lavinson, P.M.; Robert S. Santoro Sr., P.M., W.M.; Adam Kravtiz, W.M., Lodge of Perfect Light 7971; and Patrick F. Gresley

On June 5, 2006, eight members of St. John's Lodge No. 115, Philadelphia, traveled overseas to witness the installation of Bro. Adam Kravitz to the chair of Worshipful Master in Lodge of Perfect Light No. 7971, London. Bro. Kravitz has been a member of St. John's Lodge since Feb. 15, 1993, and became a dual member with Lodge of Perfect Light in April 1999, after moving to London three years prior.

Eight members of St. John's Lodge and some of their wives traveled to London to support Bro. Kravitz during his installation. While there, they enjoyed the history and sights of England.

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