Volume LIVFebruary 2007Number 1

Ham-ing it up for Freemasonry!

Left to right: Bros. A. Lee Handy, Guide, Warren Park Lodge No. 613 (KB3APD); Ralph M. McCullough, P.M., Henry A. Phillips Lodge No. 337 (WA3YFQ); James E. Arnold, P.M., Valley Lodge No. 613, S.W. (KB8VVT); Warren A. Park, Entered Apprentice, Warren Park Lodge No. 613 (KB3MRV); Craig Kern, P.M., acting J.W., Germania Lodge No. 509 (KB3KBH); and Jerome W. Silverstein, P.M., Valley Lodge No. 613, Conferring W.M. (K3FKI).

On Oct. 16, 2006, during a First Degree Conferral at Valley Lodge No. 613, the candidate, a visitor and the other brethren shown in the photograph are all Amateur Radio Operators (Hams). One could say that that the brethren were "communicating" the degree information to the candidate!

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