Volume LIVFebruary 2007Number 1

Sunshine Lodge:A Bright Idea!

Bro. Rod Cochran, P.M., presents Grand Master Aungst with signed copies of two books he authored.

Ossea Lodge No. 317 recently held District 17's first Sunshine Lodge, and the brethren have decided to make it an annual event. The Sunshine Lodge is intended to give those brethren who spend winters in Florida, work at night or do not drive at night, an opportunity to visit over breakfast and then attend a lodge meeting during daylight hours.

The guest speaker was Bro. Rod Cochran, P.M., of Westfield Lodge No 477. Bro. Cochran did a presentation on Tubal Cain and his relationship to Noah and other Genesis characters. This is a part of the fictional accounts in his book, "A Temple in Nod," which is the first book in a trilogy.

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