Volume LIVFebruary 2007Number 1

Meeting in the Hills

Left to right: Bros. David M. Christner, Matthew A. Christner, Ellis H. Christner (shaking hands with Grand Master Aungst) and Michael A. Dolan, all of James Cochran Lodge No. 614; and Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Senior Grand Warden.

On a beautiful June evening, just after 515 Masons had each enjoyed a 12 oz. New York Strip steak, Bro. Brian E. Shick of Marion Lodge No. 562 gaveled to order the 9th Annual Meeting in the Hills. Marion Lodge, along with King Solomon's Lodge No. 346 and James Cochran Lodge No. 614, have, with a dispensation from our Grand Masters, held this outdoor meeting, which is always preceded by a steak fry.

The Grand Master presented to eight newly raised brethren and their first-line signers the "Proud to Be a Freemason" license plate. In his comments to the brethren, he said, "If we practice love for each other, our families and our churches, we will all grow and prosper." He went on to add that as a result of this love, our fraternity will grow and survive. He challenged us to be committed to reinvigorating our lodges.

During the course of the meeting, Worshipful Master Shick was pleased to recognize Bros. Jeffrey M. Wonderling, P.D.D.G.M., and Paul E. Truxel III, P.M., for their roles in creating and nurturing the Meeting in the Hills, and Richard E. Bigley, P.M., for his efforts on behalf of Marion Lodge and the 30th Masonic District.

Grill Masters, left to right: Bro. Douglas A. Leichliter, Ligonier Lodge No. 331; and the following brethren of King Solomon's Lodge No. 346 - Kenneth L. Brooks, J.W.; John B. Truxel; Paul E. (Sam) Truxel III, P.M., Head Chef, with his arm around Grand Master Aungst; Silas Ash; William J. (Fred) Minsterman III; John C. (Jay) Fox III; and R. Jim Keith.
Photographs by Bro. Kenneth R. Brooks, Photographer

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