Volume LIVFebruary 2007Number 1

Members-Only Services:
Masons Helping Masons

Member Services The Member Services module at the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Web site shows how Masons Helping Masons is enacted on a daily basis in our Masonic fraternity. The Online Masonic Business Directory can put you in touch with a brother who has special services to offer, and the Employment Center can help you find a job or an employee with a background you can trust.

In the Business Directory, you can post a brief description of your business, service, hobby or personal expertise that you want to offer your fraternal brothers. This unique Masonic network presently includes over 500 business listings. Over 1,800 members have registered for this free service.

The Employment Center provides an opportunity to advertise to fellow Masons job opportunities inside your business. It also allows a member to post a résumé of his qualifications and experience, to make himself available to a potential employer. The unique aspect of this Employment Center is that it is possible for both parties to remain anonymous in the early stages of an inquiry and to communicate through the Employment Center both anonymously and discretely until such time as the parties choose to set up an interview. As of this writing, there are more than 300 résumés and 50 job listings posted in the system.

These opportunities are made available exclusively to Pennsylvania Masons. Only active members in good standing in Pennsylvania lodges are listed. While we cannot guarantee that your business transaction will be exactly as you want it, we can guarantee that it will be with a Pennsylvania Mason. Having that common bond does NOT guarantee a "Masonic discount" for services rendered or products purchased. Rather, it suggests that your brother will treat you fairly and squarely. To register for these exclusive member benefits, go to www.pagrandlodge.org and click on the Member Services panel.

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