Volume LIVFebruary 2007Number 1

Preserving a National Treasure

The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia stands as a landmark for Masons, the community and the nation. The architectural wonder has stood for 133 years serving as a majestic headquarters for the fraternity, amazing visitors with its beauty and educating the public through the library and museum. Thanks to generous donations from lodges and individuals to the Grand Master's Temple Initiative appeal, the Temple is receiving some much-needed restorations and upgrades. These improvements will allow the Temple to preserve Freemasonry's past for future generations to enjoy.
A handcrafted mahogany visitor's desk was added to the Temple's Broad Street entrance. It will provide a formal welcome for visitors as they tour the lodge rooms, which are based on themes of the ancient architectural world, and the museum, which contains thousands of interesting Masonic artifacts. An information stand was also added. Ready to welcome guests are Bros. Chuck Lorman, facility staff (left), and Danny Hinds, building superintendent (right).
The marble floors throughout the entire Temple were gently cleaned and polished, restoring their original luster and shine. This project was completed just in time for the "Initiated Eye" exhibit now on display.

Initiated Eye exhibit


This archway above the William Rush exhibit was subject to high humidity levels and was severely damaged. Located right above people's heads, it was a major eyesore for the Temple. The archways received a detailed makeover, including the use of a stamp to replicate the intricate stars (shown to the right).
Heating,Ventilating & Air Conditioning

The HVAC system required the temporary removal of stairs.

The new HVAC system won't be seen, but its job will have a huge impact on the preservation of the Temple's architecture, as well as the museum collection. It will control humidity levels and prevent mold. This upgrade was the most important to protecting the future of the Temple, inside and out.
Banquet Room
This Banquet Room, located on the ground level of the Temple, is used by local lodges for their monthly meetings. Columns enclosed in black casing were revealed, partitions were removed, carpet was added, fluorescent lighting was replaced with recessed lighting and chandeliers, a drop ceiling was revamped with more detailed tiling, a coat room was built and a track was added to hang artwork. The room now offers a more elegant and social atmosphere for lodge events and public usage. Bro. J.J. DeLuca's contracting firm completed the upgrades, which were showcased at the Grand Gala in November.
Shown below is the feather technique used to create a faux marble finish on the columns.
How You Can Help
Great progress has been made in the effort to protect and sustain the Temple, but significant repairs are still needed. Your Grand Lodge is commited to providing funding for projects, but they cannot do it alone. If you would like to contribute to preserving the heritage of Pennsylvania Freemasonry, please contact the Office of Gift Planning, Masonic Charities, at (800) 599-6454, or by Email to learn how you can support the Grand Master's Masonic Temple Initiative.

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