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Grand Lodge Website Update

The Grand Lodge's website continues to grow in information and services offered to our members. The website is primarily a reference tool to educate and inspire Masons and prospective members about the Craft.

In 2004 the website served up 3.1 million pages of information, an increase of 43% over the previous year, and logged over 621,000 visits to the site.

If you haven't been there recently you are missing a new home page, the new Masonic Villages site, 6 new Masonic Videos, an updated Speakers Directory and an on-line Gift Shop that is 100% safe and easy to use.

Here are some interesting statistics on our most popular pages:

bullet The Masonic Villages, over 100,000 visits.

bullet Grand Secretary's administrative module, 97,000 visits.

bullet Tour of the Masonic Temple, 46,800 visits.

bullet Grand Master's Programs, 36,200 visits.

Other popular areas include the Giftshop, the comprehensive Links to other reputable Masonic sites, the Library and Museum, the Pennsylvania Freemason, How To Join, the PA Youth Foundation, Masonic Education, The Academy of Knowledge and the Lodge of Research.

Another indication of the site's popularity can be found in the 134 messages left in the Guest Book from all over the world.

Participation in the On-Line Circulating Library grew dramatically in 2004 with 251 borrowing requests from qualified participants. That is an increase of 122%.

Use of the On-Line Speakers Directory grew by 70%, with the processing of 120 on-line requests from Masters and Senior Wardens looking to arrange programs for their Lodges.

To increase the variety of presentations available, there is a new process available whereby speakers can request inclusion in the directory, following approval by their District Deputy Grand Master.

The On-Line Masonic Employment Center continues to offer Pennsylvania Masons the opportunity to post resumes and job opportunities, exclusively for Brother Masons in PA. This is a private networking system where Masons share opportunities with their brothers. There is no charge or posting fee. It is entirely private, and therefore there is no record kept of any hirings -- but it is a service that over 1690 Pennsylvania Masons are currently registered to use. It is not open to Masons from other jurisdictions as we can only verify the membership of PA Masons. At the close of the year, there were 18 Job Postings.

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