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At Home at Masonic Village at Sewickley

If you want to find Jerry Sherman, your best bet is to visit the Barley Wellness Center about 7:30 a.m. A former engineer in the nuclear power industry and member of Lodge No. 725, Jerry enjoys his morning workouts almost as much as he and his wife, Billie, enjoy socializing in the dining room. "Occasionally, I have to look around the dining room to make sure we are not the last ones there," Billie added.

sew2Jerry and Billie moved to Masonic Village last May and have never looked back. "We just made our minds up that we wanted to do this while we are still independent enough to enjoy it," Billie said.

At first, the Shermans considered downsizing to a one-level rental home. "Our son was instrumental in helping us to see that a rental was not the best decision," Jerry shared. "We would still have to seek out expensive home care services if one of us ever needed help." Billie added that they did not want to be isolated from other people.

sew1After investigating retirement communities, the Shermans concluded that the lifecare concept was the best solution since it protects their assets as well as their health care options. They will continue to pay the same monthly rate, even if one of them should some day need assisted living or nursing services.

The Shermans enjoy the many benefits of the community, such as the varied floor plans to choose from, flexible meal plan, on-campus recreational and educational activities and transportation to cultural and sporting events and to shop.

The Shermans resided in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh and, after listing their house in the early spring, had an offer from the second couple who looked at it. Billie claimed it took very little time to begin referring to Masonic Village as "home" and likes to share with her visiting friends that, "we have never regretted our move here, not even for a minute." The Shermans are always quick to point out how interesting and friendly all the residents are. And when their friends visit, they are amazed at how beautiful the community is.

sew3Billie, who previously worked as a volunteer coordinator for a senior services organization, has been able to explore her artistic side by attending a watercolor painting class and a drawing class at the Masonic Village art studio. Jerry, on the other hand, prefers researching topics on his computer and just has been elected to serve on the Resident Executive Committee.

If you would like to tour the Masonic Village at Sewickley, please call the Marketing office at 1-866-872-0664 or mail in the coupon.


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