rwgm7Brethren, thanks to YOU, the sun is shining brightly on Pennsylvania Freemasonry! Click here and look at the results of the 2004 One-Day Man to Mason project. Last year was a testimony to how remarkable things can happen when we UNITE to Share the Light. Our charity -- our legacy -- becomes more than a flicker, but a brilliant torch burning for a shared purpose: a strong and glorious future for Freemasonry. You should be proud of what we accomplished!

This year, we will expand and improve upon many of these exciting and successful programs. Together, we will reach even higher and farther to accomplish more than we did in 2004.

rwgm1If you enjoy motorcycling and spectacular sightseeing, you won't want to miss this year's Sturgis trip, scheduled for August 9th through the 13th. Gather your Brethren and friends; it's a great way to introduce nonmembers to Freemasonry. I guarantee that it'll be an exhilarating ride and a journey of a lifetime.

rwgm2If racing is more your thing, then mark your calendar for June 25th, our second annual Charity Mini Grand Prix at Masonic Village ­ Elizabethtown. This year's race will benefit the 40 youth of the Masonic Children's Home. Now is the time to begin planning and training!

rwgm3The annual Autumn Day at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown will be held on September 24th. I encourage each lodge to coordinate bus trips so Brethren, their families and prospective candidates can enjoy the day while learning about the many services provided through the Masonic Villages.

rwgm4For all of you Golfers, the Western PA Charity Golf Tournament is scheduled for September 19th at the Allegheny Golf Club, and the Eastern PA Charity Golf Tournament will be held at the Lu Lu Country Club on September 26th.

rwgm5The Masonic CHIP Program won an overwhelming victory over crimes against youth in Pennsylvania in 2004, and this year our charge is doubled. Brethren, hundreds of thousands of children are counting on YOU to protect them from abductions. I encourage you to volunteer your time and commit your lodge to ensuring the children in your communities are safe. Already this year, we have commitments to ID up to 200,000 youth across the Commonwealth, which is an enormous feat. The Sharing the Light Holiday Gala in December at the Masonic Temple raised over $110,000 to help fund this program, but we need YOUR support to make it happen.

rwgm6Our membership enrichment initiatives have grown our family by more than 6,000 new members, yet our work is far from finished. We have seen how our lodges thrive when we bring new men, new ideas and new leaders into our family. Now, we must continue to mentor our newly raised members so their pride in our Masonic heritage grows along with their commitment and involvement. Set an example, be an inspiration, and continue to petition men who are worthy of being called, "Brother."

Districts will be encouraged to host their own Man-to-Mason One-Day Adventures during a Saturday in October or November this year, allowing qualifying men to receive degrees from the first to the 32nd and ending the day as a Shrine Mason, if they so choose.

Can we attain an even higher increase in membership than last year? I believe we can!

Your attitude almost always determines your altitude in life. Only you can determine how high you will soar and how brightly you allow your light to shine.

Brethren, believe in yourselves and in your ability to pick up your torch and brighten another's path. Share the Light, don't keep it to yourselves. In doing so, you will reach new heights!

Pennsylvania Masonry is shining brightly because Pennsylvania Masons ARE Sharing the Light and bettering our world! The future of this great fraternity is in YOUR hands. Extend your hands to others and welcome them to enjoy the many benefits and opportunities that membership affords.

Be a beacon unto others to the strength of the Craft!

William Slater II
R. W. Grand Master


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