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Man to Mason One-Day Adventure for 2005

Due to the success of the Man to Mason One-Day Adventure in 2004, the R. W. Grand Master is authorizing a second edition of this successful initiative.

Class Locations
Locations for the One-Day Class will be determined by the District Deputy Grand Masters. Each District Deputy may select the Saturday of his choice in the months of October or November. Only the three Symbolic Degrees will be conferred that day, unless the Scottish Rite or the Shrine wish to participate. District Deputies are encouraged to join together to create a multiple District area for the location.

If multiple Districts are involved, the Deputies will select a "Lead DDGM" to be the coordinator or they may select another Brother to be the coordinator. He will have the same responsibilities as the 2004 Regional Coordinator. He will determine, after consultation with other DDGMs, what location will be used. The Lead DDGM must report back to the Grand Secretary prior to March 15, 2005 stating what Masonic Districts are joining together, what location they have selected, and if any Scottish Rite or Shrine are participating. The Lead DDGM will have total responsibility for location and should expect full cooperation of the other DDGMs. The Grand Lodge videos will be shown.

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
The Scottish Rite may choose to have the same participation as last year or may choose to have a reunion following the One-Day Class. It is the choice of each Valley or the Deputy. The AASR will be given an allotment of time during the day to make a presentation and show a video. They will also be permitted to have a table in the lobby area where they can pass out petitions, etc. The Scottish Rite may set their fees as they deem necessary or as normal.

The Shrine may choose to have the same participation, with the approval of the R.W. Grand Master, as last year or may choose to have a ceremonial following the One-Day Class. It is the choice of the Potentate. The Shrine will be given an allotment of time during the day to make a presentation and show a video. They will also be permitted to have a table in the lobby area where they can pass out petitions, etc. The Shrine may set their fees as they deem necessary or as normal.

Tall Cedars of Lebanon
The Tall Cedars of Lebanon are permitted to have a table at the various locations holding a One-Day Class. Information on the locations may be obtained from the R.W. Grand Secretary.

The decision on payment for lunch will be made by the Lead DDGM.

Director of Ritualistic Work
The Director of Ritualistic Work will assign a Regional Instructor or an "Assigned Instructor" to cover each location. The locations must be decided by March 15, 2005.

The process of selecting Degree Teams will be the same as last year. All duties assigned last year will continue this year to include the Mentor instruction.

Lodges will be responsible for the necessary mentors as they were last year. Each DDGM is responsible for registration of the Lodge candidates within their District. Each Lodge should be represented during registration. The Lodge Secretary is responsible for submitting a Monthly Return immediately after the One-Day Class to the Office of the Grand Secretary.

Packets with Bibles and educational material will be forwarded from the Grand Lodge to each site location.

Each area will have a Lodge that will be designated as a "Host Lodge" who will open and close the Degrees. The Host Lodge will be performing the courtesy degrees on behalf of all of the Lodges in the combined Districts. The One-Day Communication will not be a Grand Lodge Communication as it was last year.

The Grand Master is encouraging the Lodges to have Special Meetings prior to the One-Day Class to receive and ballot on petitions in accordance with Masonic Law. The petitions must be received by the Lodge, read at a Lodge Meeting, a Committee of Investigation appointed, and be balloted upon. The petition must be sent on a Monthly Return for clearance. A cut-off date is to be established to complete petition requirements prior to the One-Day Class in the area. Candidates who would like to complete the balance of his Degrees may do so at the One-Day Class.

There is no provision for a "Mason at Large" this year.

Grand Master
The Grand Master will designate a Right Worshipful or a personal representative at each location as last year to oversee the site functions. He will also publish all of the necessary decisions to make the One-Day Class comply with Masonic Law.

Digest of Decisions Amendments for the One-Day Class
The following decisions are effective immediately and may be used only for the One-Day Class in October/November 2005.

bulletA petition for degrees shall be in the form prescribed by the Grand Lodge, and shall be presented to the Lodge at a Stated, Extra or Special Meeting.

bulletThe petition shall be read, noted in the Minutes and referred to a Committee of Inquiry.

bulletThe petition shall lie over to a subsequent Stated or Special Meeting and be voted on.

bulletThe Masonic Month requirement is waived if a Special Meeting is called for balloting.

bulletPetitions printed for the 2004 One- Day Class may be used for the 2005 One-Day Class.

bulletLodges meeting in the month of the One-Day Class (October/November) may vote on petitioners at a Special Meeting without publishing the names in the Notice provided the Committee of Inquiry has reported favorably. Postcards notifying the Members of Special Meetings may be used provided no names of petitioners are printed on the postcard.

bulletMultiple balloting will be permitted on any number of petitioners.

bulletApproved petitioners may be held for the One-Day Class regardless of their date of approval waiving the six-month rule.

bulletWebsite applicants may have the recommenders' signatures typed or printed, provided the Lodge Secretary verifies them.

bulletProficiency before advancement will not be required; however, Lodges are requested to have Mentors/Members available to instruct candidates.

bulletThe conferral of all three degrees on one day (October/November) is authorized without seeking the approval of the R.W. Grand Master.

bulletOrganizations which have as a prerequisite membership in the Masonic Fraternity may solicit and receive petitions from candidates for the One-Day Class for their respective Bodies.

bulletA new petitioner may progress through the degrees in the traditional manner, if desired.

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