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Special Masonic Gift Items from the Gift Shop

Holy Bible ­Exemplar Edition

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania authorized the Exemplar to be printed within the Master Mason's edition of the Holy Bible and to be presented to each new candidate who participated in the October 2, 2004 one-day class.

Complete with the same illustrations and information that has guided so many new Masons, your lodge may purchase this outstanding edition and make it a unique part of a new candidates Bible presentation or you may simply want an ExemplarBible edition for your own personal use or collection.

This distinctive Holy Bible/Exemplar combination edition is now available to be purchased for only $24.95.

Don't miss the opportunity to give or acquire this matchless combination that has guided Masons in the past and will continue to guide them into the future.

giftPurchase your Official Share the Light Golf Shirt Now

The new Masonic Share the Light Golf shirt is still available in 2005 exclusively through the Gift the Masonic Library and Museum Of Pennsylvania.

Let your Masonic light shine when you wear this handsomely embroidered golf shirt with navy accents. Available in sizes M, L, XL, and 2XL for $34.95. (S, 3XL and 4XL may be special ordered)

These 100% cotton polo shirts feature the colorful logo of R.W. Grand Master William Slater II's Share the Light program.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by ­ Order yours today!

Orders may be placed by calling the Gift Shop at 1-800-336-7317 or through the Gift Shop Web Site.

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