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DeMolay Month Scheduled

March 18, 2005 marks the 86th Anniversary of the founding of the Order of DeMolay in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chapters around the world will celebrate by dedicating the month of March to DeMolay. The goal of DeMolay Month is to have every DeMolay around the globe involved in lots of activities to show the world why DeMolay is great!

Pennsylvania DeMolay Chapters will be joining in this exciting celebration by holding special activities including Senior DeMolay Nights, Masonic Recognition Programs and participating in various civic service and Masonic service projects. Additionally, government officials will be signing proclamations recognizing March as DeMolay Month. Each DeMolay Chapter will also be attending a worship service at a local church, synagogue or temple in observance of the DeMolay Devotional Obligatory Day.

Also as a part of DeMolay Month, the Rose Croix Class will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2005 at the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center. This annual induction class is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Chapter of Rose Croix and is held in honor of the Most Wise Master.

Pennsylvania DeMolay will recognize Chapters that report their DeMolay Month activities with the DeMolay Month Award of Excellence, which will be presented at the PA DeMolay Convention in Bethlehem in July. The three Chapters with the best observances will also be recognized with special plaques and cash awards. The DeMolay Month Competition is sponsored annually by Lodge No. 9 that meets in Philadelphia.

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