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DeMolay Leaders Confer Degrees

The degree team included 2 members of the October 2nd Man-To-Mason Adventure, and 4 DeMolay Past State Master Councilors.

Bro. Nicholas C. Lessard-Chaudoin and his father, Joseph Chaudoin, were both scheduled to join Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 at the October One Day Adventure, but when Nick's Reserve Unit was called up to active service, both had to miss that event. Joe decided to continue the Masonic journey by taking the traditional EA and FC degrees in Lodge 682 during October and November, but Nick's situation was uncertain, until he received a Christmas leave from Fort Lewis, Washington. By virtue of a dispensation, Nick received all three degrees of Freemasonry on December 30th, and Joe was able to complete his third degree, which accomplished their first goal of joining together! Nick's Advisors and Brothers from the Order of DeMolay conferred the degrees. His Entered Apprentice Degree was conferred by Bro. Keith A. Bortz, Past State Master Councilor, and presently the Chapter Advisor of Reading Chapter, and Worshipful Master of Union Lodge No. 479. His Fellowcraft Degree was conferred by Bro. Noble P. Johnson, District Deputy Grand Master, and Chairman of the Elizabethtown Chapter Advisory Council. The Master Mason Degree was conferred on both Nick and his father by Bro. Brent D. Richards, Past State Master Councilor and Director of Publications for Pennsylvania DeMolay.

Also participating in the degrees were the following Active DeMolays-- Senior Deacon, Bro. Stephen L. Prazenica, PSMC; Junior Deacon, Bro. Nathaniel Prosser; Junior Master of Ceremonies, Justin D. Killian, State Master Councilor; and Advisors -- Senior Master of Ceremonies, Nathan P. Johnson, PMC; Eugene N. Weider, Pursuivant; William J. Prazenica, Guide; and Thomas R. Labagh, Executive Officer in PA, Guide.

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