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In the Banquet of Life.

In today's society, retirement means opportunity ~ opportunity to enjoy the things you've always loved and to explore new experiences. This means a greater need for a unique living style providing security, privacy, pleasing surroundings and recreational opportunities. Eliminating home and property maintenance allows time for companionship and intellectual pursuits.Masonic Village at Elizabethtown's beautiful residential living area provides a perfect setting for retirees looking to indulge their own interests at their own pace. Studio and suite units can accommodate single people or married couples. Since all meals are included, there are no kitchens in the units. Kitchenettes are conveniently located in each building, allowing for flexbility during meal times. Also included are a variety of recreational services from crafts to musical events to swimming pools.The Masonic Village is close to restaurants, shopping and theatres. Health care and nursing services are conveniently located on campus. Transportation for on-campus, as well as off- campus, activities is provided.There is no fee required with the application. Financially, there is fraternal support for eligible individuals, as part of our Mission of Love. Explore the possibilities that Residential Living can offer by calling for information and a brochure at 1-800-422-1207, emailing us at or printing this page and returning the coupon.


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