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Three Generations of Cochrans in Masonry


Bro. David Cochran of Manheim Lodge No. 587 sponsored his two sons, Troy and Kyle, in the Reading Man to Mason One-Day Class on October 2, which now brings three generations of Cochrans together as Master Masons.

Above (l-r) Bro. James Shaw, PM, Reading Lodge 549, mentor for the initiates; Bro Troy Cochran, son, One-Day Class; Bro. David Cochran; Bro. Elwood Cochran, grandfather, Columbia Lodge No 286 (59 years a Mason); Bro. Kyle Cochran, son, One-Day Class, and Bro. Marvin Cochran, brother, raised in 2003.

In addition to being the principal recommender of his two sons, Bro. Dave also first-line signed for his brother, Marvin.

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