Friend to Friend, A Brotherhood Undivided

The "Friend to Friend, a Brotherhood Undivided" statue and its arcing granite "Wall of States" in the National Cemetery Annex at Gettysburg honors all Freemasons who fought in all the wars and conflicts of the country.

The larger-than-life figures created by the noted sculptor, Bro. Ron Tunison, of Cairo, NY, portray Union Captain and Brother Henry Bingham coming to the aid of Confederate General and Brother Lewis Armistead during Pickett's charge at the Battle of Gettysburg. It stands as a lasting tribute to the bonds of Brotherhood that transcend political differences and the emotions of war.

The scene portrays the moment when Gen. Armistead was being carried to medical aid and by chance encountered Capt. Bingham, who was an Aide to Union Major General and Brother Winfield S. Hancock. Confederate General Armistead, long a friend of Gen. Hancock, though then on opposite sides in the War, asked Capt. Bingham to relay a message of regret to his old friend and entrusted his personal effects to the Captain. Gen. Armistead died two days later.



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