Benjamin Franklin - Craftsman

Brother "Benjamin Franklin ­ Craftsman" is the heroic contemporary bronze sculpture directly across the street from the front door of the Masonic Temple on the northwest corner of Broad St. and John F. Kennedy Blvd. in Philadelphia. The statue, which shows a young Franklin in the process of printing on a hand press, was sculpted by Joseph Brown in his studio in Princeton, N.J.

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania commissioned the work and presented it to the City on June 24, 1981 as a feature of the memorable five-day celebration commemorating the 250 years of Freemasonry in Pennsylvania. According to reports, a "sea of people applauded the gigantic parade led by R.W. Grand Master Joseph E. Trate along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to the Masonic Temple that preceded the presentation of the sculpture to city officials."

An identical sculpture is in front of the Freemasons Cultural Center on the grounds of the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown.


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