divWhat is the meaning associated with the "Point within a Circle?"
The point within the circle was the operative Mason's great secret of how to try his square. He would take his compasses and draw a circle and then draw a straight line through its center and beyond the circumference. He would then place a dot somewhere on the circumference and draw straight lines from the dot to where the line through the center intersected the circumference. In that way he produced a triangle with a perfect right angle of 90 degrees.

In a symbolic sense, you, the Mason, are the point within the circle. You should be ever mindful of keeping your daily conduct and desires within due bounds. Your earthly life as a Mason should move and have its being within a circle of divine life, law and love that sustains it. (Source: The Exemplar, A Guide to a Mason's Actions, Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of PA, 1985)

divWhat is the proper Masonic dress for lodge officers?
The Masonic dress for lodge officers, with the exception of the Worshipful Master (or Acting Worshipful Master), can be tuxedo, black vest, black tie, black shoes, and white gloves. Shirts that are worn with Masonic dress must be white in color and may have a pleated bosom, but it is not to be ruffled either at the bosom or cuffs. The Worshipful Master (or Acting Worshipful Master) will wear the same as the lodge officers, but with the exception of wearing tails and a high black hat. (Source: Digest of Decisions, Art. 60, Grand Lodge of PA)

divWhose head is depicted in the center of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania seal?
The head depicted in the Grand Lodge seal is that of Apollo in Greek mythology. He was not only a sun god, but also a god of pure streaming light, particularly of the light of heaven. This phase of his character was made more conspicuous by the fact of his mother's name being Leto, "darkness," strictly "goddess of the dark night." Therefore, Apollo symbolizes light from darkness. The Grand Lodge seal is the head of the sun god Apollo at the center from which emanates rays of light or glory encircled by the words "Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania," and "Virtute, Silentio, Amore," Latin for "virtue, silence, love." (Source: The Exemplar, A Guide to a Mason's Actions, Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of PA, 1985)