by Donald L. Albert, R.W. Grand Secretary

Freemasonry needs you to obligate yourself to the challenging position of a lodge officer.

This is important to you and to the Fraternity. As a Freemason, you will obtain great knowledge, increase your personal development, and most importantly, serve your fellow man.

The Fraternity will gain your leadership, your ideas, and your commitment. In giving your time and commitment to this great Fraternity as a leader, you gain the rewards of fellowship and a sense of giving back to the Fraternity for what you have received.

Today, we move at a very fast pace and sometimes we should stop and look at the direction we are heading. We cannot look back, but look forward and meet the challenges we are faced with each day. That will make a better world for our children and our grandchildren.

Freemasonry has played a large part in forming our lives, as well as forming our country. It will continue to serve us for the future because it stands for all that is good, "God, Country, and Mankind."

We have received much from Freemasonry as it takes good men and makes them better. It is our turn to do our part to proliferate our Fraternity.

Our concerns for the future of our organization are not only unique with Freemasonry. One concern, which greater than membership or finance, is quality leadership.

Please commit yourself as an officer of your lodge beginning now.