ftfbrochure"The Values of Brotherhood" is a very important message to be communicated.

In the "State of the Craft" message, R.W. Grand Master Robert L. Dluge, Jr. said, "Seven years ago, R.W.P.G.M. George H. Hohenshildt was father of the words, 'Friend to Friend.' Those words became an integral part of Pennsylvania's Masonic vocabulary ... (the) program was well received and utilized by the Craft as it continues today."

Friend to Friend experiences suggest that many brethren are at a loss to discuss the benefits of Freemasonry when a curious relative, friend, or neighbor asks, "Why should I be a Mason?" There are good Masons who attend lodge infrequently and sometimes ponder why they continue to pay dues. They lose their appreciation for The Values of Freemasonry -- for the benefits ­ tangible and intangible ­ that are theirs. In many cases, especially among older brethren, the spouse handles the household mail and pays the bills. She may set aside the Mason's routine lodge notice with the dues invoice enclosed or, without an appreciation for the benefits the Mason and his family enjoy, she may question why he continues to pay his dues.

In keeping with Grand Master Dluge's slogan of "The Old and The New," the Friend to Friend Program is being continued with an enhancement ­ that is adding to the term "Friend to Friend" the words "Brother to Brother." A new booklet that describes "The Values of Brotherhood" is being produced. Two copies will be provided for every member to remind him what benefits are his as a Freemason; what opportunities are open to the new Mason; what a brother would lose if he resigns or is suspended from the Fraternity. The booklet will be unique in that it will feature testimonials by fellow Masons speaking "Brother to Brother" about the values and benefits of brotherhood that they experience as Masons. The last page of the pamphlet will be a Friend to Friend fold-out which can be torn off so that an interested person -- whether a friend or a brother -- can send it to Grand Lodge requesting information about the Fraternity and have someone contact him. The booklet will be sent to all Pennsylvania Masons in mid-March. Look for it. Read and enjoy it! Keep in mind, the Friend to Friend effort remains in vogue, including the important use of the familiar brochure. Use them both!

As an adjunct, beginning on the next two pages and with each issue of The Pennsylvania Freemason in 2001, we will be featuring several testimonials that will add emphasis to the values and benefits of being a Mason.

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