By Bro. Irv Bressler
Williamson Lodge No. 307, Womelsdorf, PA


The values of brotherhood set the course of my life. Freemasonry taught me to be an upstanding man in my community, love and honor my country, help those less fortunate, and be the man God intends us all to be!

The lessons we learned in Freemasonry should guide us throughout our lives. This is a testimony to our Fraternity which taught me to be what I am today . . . to serve mankind . . . to know there are brethren who believe as I do and would be there should I need help. I wouldn't give it up.

My wife and I have volunteered in numerous programs involving youth: the Prison Society's Juvenile Program, United Way, and two Children's Homes. Why? Because Freemasonry taught me to be a force within the community, to show by example the way we should love one another.

Our activities have imbued in me gratitude for the gifts, character, benefits and values that Freemasonry taught me to look for and use throughout the years. It has taught me to be a "father to the fatherless." We have two "adopted daughters" who were fatherless. Both had a father at one time, but they disappeared from their lives. My wife helped me see the needs of those young girls and we welcomed them into our family. We showed them that there are "fathers" who do not deceive their children and stick with them through tough times. I have not run away from the challenge, because Freemasonry and God have taught me never to give up in service to others.

Freemasonry is not a religion; it requires no one to be of a certain faith. It embraces all religions, only requiring that we believe in God, whatever we perceive Him to be. Freemasonry is a way of life. Let us all learn to live it as such.

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