The Spring 2001 sessions of the Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry will be conducted in March. The School for Ritual will be Saturday, Mar. 10, in New Castle and the Seminar for Wardens and the Academy of Masonic Knowledge will be Saturday, Mar. 17, in Elizabethtown.

The first two sessions of The Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry were extremely well attended. Indeed they were "full houses." Since a similar response is anticipated for the sessions this Spring, advance registration is important. Print this page and use the coupon to sign up, reservations must be received by February 23, 2001.

Academy of Masonic Knowledge

Thomas W. Jackson, R.W.P.G.S. and Chairman of the Academy said that the brethren will be able to hear two outstanding Masons. The Academy of Masonic Knowledge will feature the topic of "Religion and Freemasonry" highlighted by two clergymen who are renowned Masonic experts, Neville B. Cryer and Gary Leazer. The sessions will be held in the new Freemasons Cultural Center just completed on the Masonic Homes campus. The program will conclude with a discussion and question and answer period.

Bro. Cryer, a noted English Masonic author, is the General Director of the British and Foreign Bible School, a Prestonian Lecturer, and recipient of numerous Masonic honors. Dr. Leazer, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, is the founder and President of the Center for Interfaith Studies, Inc. He is the author of two books concerning the Southern Baptist controversy with Freemasonry. In addition, Bro. Leazer is a member of the steering committee of the Masonic Information Center, Silver Spring, MD.

The Seminar for Wardens

Again, the Junior and Senior Wardens Seminar is designed to be a concise, one-day training program that will give the leaders of all lodges in Pennsylvania an opportunity to learn what their jobs entail while progressing through the line and to be able to plan fully for service to the Fraternity. In a circumstance where a warden cannot, or does not, plan to attend, it is recommended that the lodge have a deacon attend. Edward O. Weisser, R.W.P.G.M., Chairman of the Masonic Training and Education Committee, reiterated, "When the wardens leave the seminar, they will be prepared to be quality leaders of their lodges."

The School For Ritual

The School for Ritual session of The Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry will be held at New Castle in western Pennsylvania on Saturday, Mar. 10, one week before the other Academy sessions. This School for Ritual is the first of eight ritualistic school sessions that will be held across the state during Spring 2001. Click here for a listing of all of those School of Instruction dates.