Pa Masonic Train

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train2Robert L. Dluge, Jr., R.W. Grand Master, has a great love for model train collecting. So it is only fitting that he would have created a Pennsylvania Masonic Train. It was unveiled Dec. 27 at the Annual Grand Communication in Hershey.

The train, manufactured by Weaver Models of Northumberland, PA is an "O" Gauge, three-rail set consisting of a C-1 Atlantic engine with tender, five cars, and caboose. Each piece is marked with Masonic symbols representing a majority of the organizations that comprise the Family of Freemasonry and the appendant charities. The charities will benefit from every set sold.


For orders placed on the initial run of 1,500 sets by June 1, 2000, delivery will be guaranteed to you on or about Dec. 15, 2000. The cost per set is $500. A separate option of 18 sections of 045 track and transformer also will be available for the additional cost of $105.

In addition to the train and for the serious collector, a special limited-run Pennsylvania M-1 engine will be manufactured at a cost of $1,100 per unit if orders for 300 or more engines can be obtained.

Another train-related product will be made available to each lodge. This is a specially painted and decorated boxcar that will depict the name and number of any lodge ordering at least 200 cars. Each lodge has been informed of the procedures for obtaining this special car.


Orders for the Pennsylvania Masonic Train, track, and transformer, or M-1 engine should be sent to the Office of the Grand Treasurer, click here to get a printable order form or you can e-mail your order to hbrutter@pagrandlodge,org.