Spirited by the Grand Lodge Matching Charities Grants Program, in two years lodges across Pennsylvania have infused $2,154,470 into their communities to serve the needs of their neighbors. Along with the funds, brethren have contributed countless hours of personal service to mankind.

In 1998, 326 lodges filed 736 applications and $478,575 were granted. That means with Grand Lodge Matching Grants, nearly a million dollars benefitted mankind in communities across the state in the first year of the program.

If 1998 was great, then 1999 was superb: 349 lodges filed 1,010 applications of which 911 were granted $598,660. In other words, with Matching Grants monies, nearly $1.2 million more made a difference in the lives of persons across the state in 1999. That's a seven percent increase in lodge participation and a 25 percent increase in funding.

R.W. Grand Master Robert L. Dluge, Jr. has said that the Matching Charities Grants Program will continue, adding increased emphasis for lodges' and members' personal involvement in community projects along with the funding. Samuel C. Williamson, R.W.P.G.M. will continue to chair the program and administer it.

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