Volume LIXJanuary 2012Number 1

A Meeting Of Historic Proportions

On Sept. 12, 2011, the officers and brethren of St. Alban Lodge, No. 529, Philadelphia, gathered at City Tavern, 138 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia, the first known meeting place for the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. In addition to holding their Stated Meeting in the historic location, the brethren celebrated several anniversaries the year 2011 brought to Freemasonry and the nation: the 280th anniversary of the founding of the first Grand Lodge in Pennsylvania (1731), the 250th Anniversary of the founding of the Ancient Pennsylvania Grand Lodge (1761), and the 230th Anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown (1781), which was the last major battle in our nation's struggle for independence. While the 54 brethren gathered to celebrate these historic moments, the theme for the evening was the 225th Celebration of the Independence of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania from the Grand Lodge of England (Sept. 25, 1786).

Keeping with the 18th Century theme, the officers dressed in proper period attire and assembled for the purposes of brotherly love and affection as well as the conferral of a Master Mason's degree. After being seated, they were greeted by President Bro. George Washington, (as portrayed by Bro. Dean Malissa, Concordia Lodge No. 67, Jenkintown), who wore a beautiful Masonic apron for the occasion. After a few introductory remarks by Bro. Washington, the brethren enjoyed an outstanding four-course dinner. In true Masonic fashion, three toasts were offered: one for Bro. Washington, one for the Battle of Yorktown and one for the night's independence celebration.

Following the sumptuous feast, the brethren were regaled by a talk about the "current" state our new nation and its independence by Bro. Washington. His talk launched the night back to those early days of the fraternity and our nation, where our brethren met by candlelight and in front of roaring fires. Afterward, the room was tyled and Bro. Anthony J. Dintino, III, W.M., conferred the Master Mason degree on Bro. Gary T. Hanley. Both brothers are members of the 4th Legionary Corps, a Revolutionary War living history unit, and were clad in their "greens" signifying them as dragoons, or light cavalry, for the Continental forces.

After a short meeting of lodge business, the evening ended with many smiles and wonderful memories. Between the ambiance of City Tavern and Bro. Malissa's inspirational words, the brethren truly felt they had been sent back to Old Philadelphia circa 1786, in those first few years following the American Revolution when the future seemed bright and uncertain. Walking outside City Tavern to the hustle and bustle of 2011 seemed almost surreal. Just a few hours prior, the brethren of St. Alban Lodge No. 529 had witnessed, first hand, the birth of our Independent Grand Lodge. Huzzah!

Photo of officers of St. Alban Lodge: Front row, left-right: Bros. Robert M. Stauffer, P.M., Secretary; William C. Doty, P.M., Acting S.W.; Gary T. Hanley, Candidate; (middle) Dean R. Malissa (as Bro. George Washington) Concordia Lodge No. 67, Jenkintown; Anthony J. Dintino, W.M.; Dasse G. Yobo, S.M.C.; and Patrick K. Delaney, Acting Pursuivant. Back row, left-right: Bros. William M. Roosevelt, P.M., Guide; Robert H. Swan; Thomas W. Jacobson, S.D.; Alan B. Ozer, J.M.C.; Richard T. Bobbe, J.W.; and Jerald A. Brown, J.D.


Community Lodge Lives Up to Its Name

Community Lodge No. 744, Broomall, recently held a successful preventative stroke screening program as an outreach to the community. Bro. William R. Bellamy, P.M., said the program was well attended. A testing team out of Baltimore, Md., was selected to provide the Life Line Screening®, a non-invasive, painless ultrasound technique to view the plaque buildup in a person's arteries.

According to the National Stroke Association, 80 percent of strokes can be prevented. In the United States, stroke is the third leading cause of death (behind heart disease and cancer), killing about 137,000 people each year. It is the leading cause of serious, long-term adult disability.

Members of Community Lodge are also active in the local fire and EMS services, Boy Scouts and are FCC Licensed Amateur Radio operators, a group known for its emergency assistance.

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