Volume LVIIJanuary 2010Number 1

Renaissance as to visibility & image


To enhance members' relationships with our Masonic Villages, every lodge is encouraged and expected to adopt a person or couple from one of the Masonic Villages. The lodge should arrange for visits, take residents out to dinner or lunch, give gifts for birthdays and holidays and look after their general needs.


Every lodge is expected to have a fundraiser during 2010, with the beneficiary being the Masonic Villages. This effort is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. Each lodge will be expected to raise a minimum of $2,000 for the Masonic Villages. To assure success, there will be an incentive program, awards and rewards for the lodges or districts who raise the largest amounts of money based on a ratio of raised funds to total membership. It will be the D.D.G.M.s' responsibility to ensure that all appropriate laws are being adhered to.


Every lodge needs to become more involved and visible in its local community. Lodges will be expected to do one local service initiative every month during the next two years. This could be for the community, such as repairs or maintenance to a ball field, or it could be cutting the grass or making repairs to the home of an elderly person. It could be a day-long or several hours-long project.

Grand Master Sturgeon made the following statement: "There should not be a lodge in this jurisdiction that does not have its name and the Masonic emblem on the outfield fence of their local youth league ball field. Lodges should be participating in the local food banks, marching in the local parades, having events that recognize the widows of deceased brothers and any community involvement that will modernize our image. You can expect me to approve almost any kind of Masonic awareness project. I encourage your creative ideas!"


"Every Pennsylvania Freemason is to commit to at least one Random Act of Kindness every week for the next two years," Grand Master Sturgeon said. "It may be buying a person's coffee, carrying someone's groceries, shoveling snow or doing yard work for a neighbor, watching a couple's children so they can spend some time together, or any little act that makes us stand out as special."

"Pennsylvania Masons should be very active in working with the Masonic Service Association's veterans' hospital visitation program," Grand Master Sturgeon said. Participation in this program will be part of the incentive program for awards.

"When thanked for our actions, we should simply state, 'I am a Pennsylvania Freemason and we have a mission to help others.' Just think about it; if every one of our 120,000 members did just one act of kindness once a week for the next two years, we will have shown kindness to over 10 million people! Would that help to improve our image? I think so!"


Pennsylvania Masons will continue our strong support for our military personnel. The "Change for the Troops" program will now be known as "Help for Our Heroes." The program focus will change from supporting our military in the desert to supporting the seriously injured who are hospitalized. We will present the injured with calling cards and will work with the military services to provide needed travel expenses for family of the injured to visit their injured family member in the hospital or any other needed assistance.

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