Volume LVIIJanuary 2010Number 1

Newly Appointed Floor Officers

senior grand deacon
Wallace L. Sturgeon
Lodge No. 669,
District 47
junior grand deacon
Elwood C. Hocker, Jr.
Lodge No. 587,
District 1
grand steward
Herbert K. Swisher
Lodge No. 43,
District 1
grand steward
William J. Greet
Lodge No. 67,
District C
grand sword bearer
Wilson L. Sturgeon, Sr.
Lodge No. 669,
District 47
Grand Marshal
Jon A. Fair
Lodge No. 521,
District 52
Assist. Grand marshal
Russell W. Baker
Lodge No. 405,
District 5
grand pursuivant
D. Todd Ballenger
Lodge No. 231,
District 55
grand tyler
Edward J. Stumm
Lodge No. 309,
District 5
consultant to the grand master
Doug Harbach
Lodge No. 801,
District 3

Newly Appointed District Deputy Grand Masters

Walter S. Muller
Lodge No. 445
George R. Grant
Lodge No. 602
William J. Huston
Lodge No. 538

Newly Appointed Aides to the Grand Master

Joseph F. Acton
Lodge No. 337,
District 29
Albert P. DeAmicis
Lodge No. 509,
District 57
James M. Ecker
Lodge No. 231,
District 55
Frank J. DeStefano, Jr.
Lodge No. 781,
District 2
Edward H. Cervonka
Lodge No. 19,
District C
John A. Habel, Jr.
Lodge No. 638,
District 31
Anthony J. Garvey
Lodge No. 384,
District E
Gary P. Wendt
Lodge No. 464,
District 2
James J. Wabby
Lodge No. 743,
District 57
William J. Magnotti, Jr.
Lodge No. 509,
District 57
Thomas R. Leicht, Jr.
Lodge No. 613,
District 54
Jeffrey S. Greene
Lodge No. 751,
District D
George Nakonetschny
Lodge No. 806,
District 8

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