Volume LVSpecial Inaugural Edition January 2008Number 1

Support Study for
Masonic Temple's Restoration

To assist the major renovations and restoration work currently underway on the Masonic Temple, the Philadelphiabased firm of DPK&A has been engaged to conduct a needed "Historic Structures Report" of this National Historic Landmark building. DPK&A is an award-winning firm of architects, restoration architects, historians and architectural conservators which specializes in the type of work required for a project of this magnitude and importance. This lengthy study, in addition to the other work they are providing to guide the restoration project's daily work, will provide a detailed account and documentation, including both the interior and exterior, of all aspects of the building from the top of its two towers down into its lower areas, over two stories beneath the surface. The study will guide this project, as well as provide invaluable data for all future endeavors for the Masonic Temple. Shown in the photograph are members of the DPK&A Project Team as they inspect the Masonic Temple's massive stonework and important architectural features.

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