Volume LVSpecial Inaugural Edition January 2008Number 1

Why must we "Protect Our Heritage for Future Generations?"
What does it mean to "Earn it Again?"

View of the Masonic Temple and City Hall in Philadelphia

Jeffrey Coy

All of the basic freedoms that we all cherish as americans were purchased for us by our forefathers. The challenges and questions for our generation will be: are we willing to sacrifice so that these freedoms are in place and saved for future generations? Someone once reminded all of us that, "To whom much is given, much will also be required."

In essence, that is our challenge. We have been given much as a people, and our requirement, or even expectation is... Will we keep it? Will we preserve it? Indeed, will we enhance what we have been given for the generations to come?

Freemasons must take the lead in this effort. Perhaps because we cherish our past, but more importantly because we understand that we must re-purchase our liberties in our generation. We, as Freemasons, must be leaders in this effort, and not followers. We must enlighten our fellow citizens in the necessity of sacrificing, if necessary, to maintain our liberties.

Hopefully, when the history of our generation is written the historians will say of us, "Our republic was preserved because they held our heritage high and kept our ship of state calm as it sailed on often stormy seas."

Bob Bateman

We need to remember the excitement and the thrill we had when we experienced Freemasonry for the first time. as Freemasons, we must live and lead by example and live up to the fundamental principles of what Freemasonry is and means to us. We need to get back to our roots and get reacquainted with our ritual, our brethren and our way of life. We need to practice Freemasonry in our everyday living for everyone to see and be a part of... then we will truly "Earn It Again."

We cannot expect our brethren who traveled the Masonic road before us to be the only driving force keeping Freemasonry alive. We all need to do our part to preserve our rich heritage. Our degrees are the most beautiful explanations of who we are and what we stand for. The greatest gift we have to give is our history and the desire to share it with another brother. Be a mentor, an instructor, a floor officer or just attend your lodge meetings. Protecting Our heritage for Future Generations and keeping our history alive is enjoined upon us all.

Thomas Sturgeon

Throughout my life and my professional career, it became imminently clear that I would achieve only what I earned through hard work. If our fraternity is going to flourish, it will do so only through hard work. It is up to every Pennsylvania Mason to "Earn it Again."

It is also every Mason's responsibility to "Protect Our heritage for Future Generations." Our predecessors in Freemasonry did what was necessary to protect our heritage, and now the responsibility is ours. Join with your Grand Lodge officers in "Protecting Our Heritage for Future Generations" to come.

Jay Smith

We cannot sit back and let someone else do our job, or sit on the laurels of our forefathers. We must earn the respect of our brothers and our communities in which Freemasonry is located. Over the years, we as Freemasons have become relaxed in our community activities, in attending our lodges and in our degree work... and now, we must step forward and work hard to earn the confidences and respect Freemasonry deserves.

In Pennsylvania, Freemasonry is deeply rooted in an oral tradition. We are unique in that our ritual is never written down. By passing the ritual from mouth to ear and from one generation to the next, we will be able to preserve this tradition. There are other Masonic ceremonies, lodge histories, secretary's records and memorabilia that are also important to Freemasonry. The task of preserving the above for future generations lies with each one of us. We must preserve what we have in order that Freemasonry may continue for future generations.

Mark Haines

We, as Masons, have the distinct privilege and honor to belong to the oldest and most prestigious fraternity of the world.

Our fraternity has flourished as a result of our forefathers preserving, protecting and passing on to us our laws (landmarks); education and ritual. These are the critical components that separate us from all other organizations and it is imperative that we are able to preserve all three of them. While each of the three is as important as the other, the ritual is the one component that is only passed from one generation to the next via mouth to ear. This becomes critical to the success of each lodge's future. It is imperative that we continue to learn and teach the ritual in order to preserve it in its purest form, so we are able to pass it on to future members.

Each of us should take the time to remember our oath and obligation and each year rededicate ourselves to the values and high standards that our fraternity represents as we strive to be better men, husbands and fathers... not only within the lodge, but in our everyday activities.

We are the future of the fraternity, and it is imperative that we are able to Protect Our Heritage for Future Generations.

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