Volume LVSpecial Inaugural Edition January 2008Number 1

R.W. Grand Master Stephen Gardner's
Masonic Record

Sky Diving at Freefall Adventures, N.J., August 2001
Porter Lodge No. 284
Raised (Oct. 9, 1981)
Worshipful Master (1987)
Representative in Grand Lodge (1999-2001)
Porter-Chapman Hall and Temple Association (1985-1987)

10th Masonic District
District Deputy Grand Master (1992-1998)
Co-Chairman for the 10th Masonic District Blood Donor Club (1999-2001)
Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
R.W. Deputy Grand Master (2006-2007)
R.W. Senior Grand Warden (2004-2005)
R.W. Junior Grand Warden (2002-2003)
Committee on Landmarks (2002-present)
Committee on Appeals (2000-2001)
Committee on Finance (2002-present)
Committee on Masonic Homes (2002-present )
Masonic Homes Admissions, Home Assistance and Resident Services Sub-Committee (2002-2003)
Masonic Homes Building and Grounds Sub-Committee (2002-present)
Masonic Homes Human Resources Sub-Committee (2002-present)
Grand Lodge Committee on Preservation of Monuments - Chairman (2006-2007)
Masonic Charities Capital Campaign Steering Committee (2007-present)
Membership Services Committee Board of Directors (2005-present)
Committee on The Pennsylvania Freemason (2002-present)
Masonic Library and Museum Board of Directors (2002-present)
Masonic Homes Gift Planning Sub-Committee (2004-2005)
Committee on Masonic Education and Training (2000-2001)
Committee on the John Wanamaker Research Center Chairman (2002-2003)
Administrators of the Pension Plan Chairman (2002-2003)
Subordinate Lodge Loan Committee (2002-present)
Grand Lodge Technical Advisor (1996-1997)
R.W. Grand Master's District Deputy Grand Master's Resource Committee (2000-2001)

Other Masonic Affiliated Bodies
     Catasauqua Royal Arch Chapter No. 278
     Past High Priest (1988)
Trustee, Grievance Committee
Excelsior Mark Lodge
Lehigh Valley Joshua Society
     Past President
Allen-Beauceant Commandery No. 20, Allentown
Allen Council No. 23, Royal and Select Master Masons, Allentown
Valley of Allentown
     33º August 2005
     Occasional Cast Member
Mary Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine, Allentown
Lu Lu Shriner, A.A.O.N.M.S, Plymouth Meeting
Pennsylvania Lodge of Research
William Allen No. 176. York Rite Sovereign College of North America
Lehigh Valley High-12
Masonic Veterans of Pennsylvania
Royal Order of Scotland
Lux en Tenebris Council No. 176, Allied Masonic Degrees

DeMolay Legion of Honor
Order of the Purple Cross

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