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Masons Helping Masons
We want to hear how our Brethren are going out of their way to exemplify the true spirit of Freemasonry.
If you have any stories to share, please forward them to your District Deputy Grand Master,
and you may read about them in future issues of The Pennsylvania Freemason!

"Over 10 years ago I was working in South Carolina. One evening, as we were returning to our hotel after dinner, I caught a glimpse of a man hustling toward our elevator. I stopped the door from closing, and he got on.

"I noticed the Masonic lapel pin on his sport coat and said a few words to him that a Mason would recognize. When the elevator got to his floor, he turned, smiled and pointed to the square and compass on his coat and nodded his head. I held up my Masonic ring and we shook hands.

"The next morning at breakfast, we introduced ourselves and we spoke like two old friends. We both worked for Mack Trucks; he as an engineer out of Hagerstown, Md., and I in the IT department out of Allentown, Pa.

"About four years ago, I got a surprise phone call from this same Brother, Lamar Sease, who I met in that elevator many years ago. He said, 'You never told me your son, John Gardner, was looking for an engineering position.' He had me send him John's resume, and the rest is, as they say, history. John has been on board Mack Trucks in Hagerstown now for over three years.

"You might ask, 'how did Lamar even find out that your son was looking for work?

"After being laid off by his employer during a massive downsizing, John had moved to Chambersburg, Pa., started attending George Washington Lodge No. 143 and took up dual membership there. He also stepped in as one of the Chapter Advisors for George Washington Chapter of DeMolay.

"John Stains, D.D.G.M. for District 3, heard about my son's lay off from his son, who is also is a DeMolay Chapter Advisor. The following Sunday, Bro. Stains was sitting with a friend at the coffee hour after church and remarked about what happened to my son. The person he was talking to at coffee hour, said, 'John Gardner .... is he related to Steve Gardner?

"The next day, I got that phone call from Lamar Sease.

"Our great fraternity truly spans the miles and generations."

- Stephen Gardner
Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master

"One of the amazing things about Freemasonry to me is that no matter where you go, when you run into another Mason you feel a certain bond that is indescribable. I find that almost all of my friends are Masons, and not by design; it just seems to work out that way."

- Thomas K. Sturgeon
Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden

"When I was District Deputy Grand Master for District 1, I was invited down to Willow Valley by a group of 50-55 Masons in a luncheon club. They decided to follow me around to all of the official visitations I made during my term to show their support. Some were even from out-of-state and and one was from Canada. To me, that's Masonry. It demonstrated their support to other lodges and across the district, and they also learned more about Masonry in District 1. They still do the same thing with their current District Deputy. "Also, when my son, Steven, attended Penn College in Williamsport, Bro. Judge Greevy took my son under his wing, making sure he was available should any problems arise."

- Jay W. Smith
Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden

"The best thing a Brother Master Mason did for me was, when I asked, he gave me a petition for membership in our fraternity. He encouraged me at the time and provided me with the help I needed to become a Mason."

- Jeffrey W. Coy
Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer

"Our son attends Pittburgh University. A Brother Deputy who is employed at the university, knowing that we live more than three hours from the school, opens up their home to our son should he ever need it. It was nice of him to offer our son someone to talk to or a place to stay should he need it. It's good to know there are people who are willing to help you or your family members out."

- Mark A. Haines
Right Worshipful Grand Secretary

A Recent Example of Masons Helping Masons...

Bro. Benjamin Hanbicki, Worshipful Master of Doylestown Lodge No. 245, puts his arms around Bros. Albert McDevitt Jr. and Sr., after he conferred the 3rd degree in the Masonic Lodge Room in Elizabethtown.

Bro. Albert McDevitt, a resident in the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown's retirement living area, dearly wanted to see his son, Albert Jr., receive his Master Mason degree in Doylestown Lodge No. 245 but was not able to make the 100-mile trip. Hearing of this, the officers and several other members of the lodge assembled at Doylestown for a noble purpose; if the father could not get to the Lodge meeting, they would bring the Lodge to him. After receiving a speedy dispensation from then-Grand Master William Slater II, they transported all of the necessary paraphernalia - aprons, collars, jewels and refreshments - and at 10 a.m., opened an extra meeting to confer the 3rd degree on Albert McDevitt, Jr., in the Masonic Lodge Room in Elizabethtown with his proud father in attendance.

As the officers are regularly employed, Saturdays are usually a time to spend with their families. But their compassion and dedication to the Craft led them to choose to spend the day with their Brethren - their Masonic family - as Masons Helping Masons.

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