Volune LIIIJanuary 2006Number 1

Remember Our Widows
...and Our Brethren Whom They Loved and Supported

One of the significant programs R.W. Grand Master Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., is planning for the lodges is a Widows program. Designed with the guidance of Bro. and Dr. Elvin Warfel, the program will focus lodges' efforts on ways to remember and recognize the widows of our deceased Brethren.

"Our Brethren's widows are our responsibility," the Grand Master said. "Just as we would wish for our Brethren to care for our wives should anything happen to any of us, it is our obligation to extend the love of our Family of Freemasonry to the widows of our Brethren who have gone before us."

The fraternity has always considered the Mason and his family a part of the lodge family, and some lodges continue to honor the widows of their deceased brethren in thoughtful and compassionate ways. In many cases, however, after her husband is deceased, his widow loses all contact with his lodge. The Widows Program is being developed to help lodges establish a program whereby this no longer occurs.

Initially, the focus will be on organizing the program. A printed guide is in the works and will include a list of 15-20 specific activities the lodge may want to do. From this list, the lodge should determine which of the activities are appropriate for the lodge and their particular dynamics, talents, interests, resources, etc. Certain holidays like Easter, Passover, Mother's Day, Christmas and Hanukkah are ideal times for the lodges to plan an activity that includes their widows.

The guide will also include direction on the volunteers needed to run the Widows Program and a detailed plan on how to create and implement a yearly program. Each lodge will receive a copy of the program very soon. The Grand Master will expect information from each lodge on what they are planning for their widows.

Now is the time to plan your lodge's event during the month of April, May or June in honor of Mother's Day. The Grand Master will personally host a Widows Program at each of the Masonic Villages.

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