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Pennsylvania Masons SHARE THE LIGHT

Right Worshipful Grand Master William Slater II, announced during his installation, his theme for 2004, and explained his vision for the future of our Craft...

"The greatest treasure we share as Masons is the "Light" of our Craft, which guides us to a path of caring and sharing the responsibilities of living a good and productive life, while supporting the charitable work for which our fraternity is well respected."

"Masonic Light is our way of embracing and expressing the moral and spiritual leadership that our families, friends, associates and the world community so desperately needs. It is our duty to keep that Light strong and focused, and influence others to follow that same Light in their daily lives."

With that focus during his term as Grand Master, R.W.G.M. Slater plans to send every Brother in Pennsylvania a useful and meaningful symbol to identify each Mason and their Masonic Families, as dedicated and productive members of their communities.

Every Mason will receive a "Pennsylvania Freemasons ­ Sharing the Light" auto emblem, to affix to their car, or that of a loved one. The simple, yet profound message, and our Square and Compasses, will encourage those who see it to ask about our fraternity. And, it will serve as a beacon to other Masons to attract them in times of need.

Grand Master Slater added that "during my term as your Grand Master, a responsibility I take very seriously, I am asking you to work hard to identify worthy candidates for our fraternity, and to "Share the Light" with them. Give them the spiritual gift that you received through your degree work. Make them part of your Masonic Family. I'd also like every Brother to attend Lodge meetings more often, experience the degree work again, and get involved to make a difference.

Bring your family and friends to visit the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, one of our most beautiful and inspiring historic landmarks in the world."

In February, 2004, each brother will be receiving their "Pennsylvania Masons ­ Sharing the Light" auto emblem, along with a personal letter from Grand Master Slater, encouraging us to take an active role in expanding and enhancing "the greatest fraternity in the world".

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