William Slater II - Youngest Grand Master in 100 Years to lead the Grand Lodge

Not since the 64th Grand Master, Bro. Edgar A. Tennis (1902-1903) has there been a younger Grand Master elected to lead the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Interestingly, there have been a total of 30 Grand Masters between the age of 25 and 45 - five between the age of 25 to 28, ten between the age of 31 to 39 and fifteen between 40 to 45. Also interesting to note is that on the completion of Bro. Tennis' term of office, the next Grand Master, Bro. James W. Brown (1904-1905) was from Pittsburgh.

Listed to the left, in order of their service as Grand Master, and the year they served are the youngest men to lead the Fraternity.

Compiled from The Master Builders, Vol. III: Grand Master Biographies.

2. William Allen261731
3. Humphrey Murray431733
4. Benjamin Franklin281734
5. James Hamilton251735
6. Thomas Hopkinson271736
7. William Plumstead281737
8. Joseph Shippen311738
9. Philip Syng371741
10. William Ball311761
13. William M. Smith371796
15. James Milnor331806
16. Richard Tybout381814
17. Samuel F. Bradford391815
19. Bayse Newcomb381818
20. John Randal331822
21. John B. Gibson441824
22. James Harper431825
23. Thomas Kittera371826
24. Samuel Badger431829
25. Michael Nisbet, Sr.431831
26. John Steele451833
27. George M. Dallas431835
29. John M. Read401837
30. Samuel H. Perkins421839
47. Robert Lamberton451870
48. Samuel C. Perkins441872
51. James M. Porter441878
53. Samuel B. Dick441881
64. Edgar A. Tennis451902
115. William Slater II452004

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