Your presence in your lodge is important to our Fraternity just as your presence in your private home is to your family. Your lodge needs your assistance in many ways including your presence at its meetings.

All Masons are obligated to come to the relief of our distressed Brethren and we do that, but seldom do we consider the financial distress of our lodges. Many of our lodges, Grand Lodge and related Masonic Bodies have implemented, and continue to face, severe cost cutting measures to survive with the limited income that is currently available to them.

Many of our Masonic Organizations are operating with financial concerns. Costs are forever rising, yet some members are reluctant to meet the challenge out of their own pockets. Some of our Masonic Bodies are resorting to holding breakfasts, dinners, selling Masonic items and conducting yard sales to raise money, not for the purpose of fund raising for our charitable endeavors but just to provide revenue for operations to keep our craft strong.

The answer to our financial concerns is to be found within the lodges and not outside them. Historically, our members will answer the call for assistance as well as those on fixed income, and those with families all seem to help.

Please help your Fraternity by attending your Lodge and bringing someone you know with you, as this will inspire additional membership and your financial support.

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