labaghHow do we share the light of Freemasonry with young people? As Masons, our best efforts are directed to those youth who become members of the Masonic youth groups known as DeMolay, Rainbow and Job's Daughters. These three junior and senior high school fraternities are founded on Masonic principles, and need our support. DeMolay is open for young men, aged 12-21, and Rainbow is open to young women 12-20. Job's Daughters is open to young women who are related to a Mason. All of these youth groups teach leadership and principles of good character through Rituals that have their roots in the Masonic experience.

A central part of the mission of the PA Youth Foundation is to expand the outreach of these three youth groups in Pennsylvania and to help establish new DeMolay Chapters, Rainbow Assemblies and Job's Daughter Bethels. At one time, there were Masonic youth groups meeting in all of our Masonic Districts across the state, and our goal is to help local Lodges to bring them back in order to serve the youth of their local communities.

When we reach out to young people in our cities and towns, we also reach their parents, who are favorably exposed to the leaders and builders of Freemasonry, and who learn the value of a fraternity from the experience of their children. There is no better way to spread the light of Freemasonry than by letting others experience its fellowship, its charity, and its character-building custom and ceremony.

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation sponsors most of the cost of food and lodging for members of the Masonic youth groups when they participate in activities at the Masonic Conference Center--Patton Campus in Elizabethtown. These activities include training in public speaking, computer education, leadership, sportsmanship, service and socialization.

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation annually grants scholarships from an Educational Endowment Fund. These scholarship opportunities are for Masons, their siblings, children, and members of the Masonic related youth groups in Pennsylvania. Since 1989, more than 290 awards, totaling in excess of $410,000.00 have been granted to Pennsylvania students.

Each year, the Foundation publishes a Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide, which lists all awards available through the PYF, as well as several other awards available to relatives of Masons and Masonic youth group members, which can be applied for separately.

The LifeSkills Conference is an exciting team development and relationship-building conference for youth aged 12-16, designed especially for the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation. This special co-ed program gets rave reviews each year from youth and parents, and is limited to 60 students who may be nominated by Pa. Masons whether or not they have any Masonic relationship.

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania recognizes the important role of Scouting in the lives of youth by awarding the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award to adult scout leaders who are Masons. This program is administered through the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation.

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, and our Masonic youth groups, please be sure to visit our web page today [here].

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