Man to Mason: A One Day Adventure

The one-day Man to Mason project is more than a one day conferral of all three Blue Lodge degrees on Saturday, October 2, 2004. It is a year-long project that commences on January 1, 2004 and ends on December 31, 2004.

The ultimate goal during that time frame is to increase the membership in Pennsylvania by 10,000 new members which is a 10% increase in each Lodge in the Commonwealth.

The special 'Share the Light Man to Mason' petition should be used during 2004 which is available through Lodge Secretaries, District Deputy Grand Masters, and by clicking here.

Lodge Goal

Each Lodge goal is simply 10% of its current membership. If the Lodge has 200 members, the goal during 2004 is 20 new members.

Effective January 1, 2004, a petitioner to a Lodge can elect to receive the three degrees at their convenience:

1. The traditional way ­ one per month for three months.

2. Wait for the one-day conferral of the three degrees on October 2.

3. Receive the 1st and/or 2nd and receive the 3rd at the one-day conferral.

Note: those petitioners receiving the 2nd and/or 3rd at the one-day conferral must attend all three degrees being conferred that day.

Regardless of the method selected by the petitioner in receiving the degrees, the method by which a petitioner applies for membership remains the same with but one exception.

1. The petitioner must ask a Master Mason for a petition. The petition is signed by two Master Masons ­ first-line signer must be a member of the Lodge the petitioner is applying to ­ the second line signer can be a member, in good standing, of any Pennsylvania Lodge.

2. (The exception) If the petitioner does not know a Mason but calls the Grand Lodge Petition Hotline, 1-800-990-1935, inquiring about becoming a Mason, the Grand Lodge will complete a petition over the phone and send it to the Secretary of the Blue Lodge nearest to his residence with a copy to the District Deputy Grand Master for action. The petitioner will then be contacted by the Secretary to ascertain if he knows a Mason in that particular Lodge. If he does, that member should be contacted requesting he become the petitioner's recommender. If he does not know any Masons, the petitioner should be interviewed by the Lodge Membership Committee. Once approved by the Committee, and recommenders established, the petition is treated in the normal manner ­ it is read in Lodge, an investigating committee is appointed and performs their duty, and the petitioner is voted on at the next stated meeting. The Lodge is always in control of who is admitted to their Lodge.

Lodges may hold Special Meetings for balloting in *July, *August and *September and may ballot on petitioners without publishing the names in the notice provided the Committee of Investigation has reported favorably. Multiple balloting will be permitted on any number of petitions. *The Masonic Month requirement is waived if a Special Meeting is called for balloting.

A voice ballot may be used for as many candidates as desired.

Dues & Fees

1. The current structure of Dues & Fees of each Lodge in the Commonwealth remains the same.

2. Credit cards can be used, if desired, for paying the entrance fees. The Secreary of the Blue Lodge must call the Petition Hotline number (1-800-990-1935) to process the petitioner's credit card. The Grand Lodge will then remit a check back to the Blue Lodge in the amount of the fees charged.

3. Each candidate will be provided with Identification Credentials by the Secretary of the Blue Lodge attesting that the dues & fees have been paid. This ID will be used at registration on the day of the one-day class, Saturday, October 2, 2004.

The One-Day Class

1. For the one-day class on Saturday, October 2, 2004, the Grand Lodge will provide each candidate with a Bible, working tools, and apron.

2. Regional Coordinators are responsible for the venue, furniture, sound, setup for registration, lunch coordination, and all facility issues.

3. Regional Ritualistic Instructors are responsible for the degree team selection, rehearsals, mentor instruction, and all issues relating to the degree conferral.

4. Lodges are responsible for providing one Mentor for every four candidates from the Lodge. Mentors are to assist candidates in the conferral of the degrees and instruction between degrees. Mentors will be instructed by the Regional Ritualistic Instructors in their duties. There will be at least three sessions of Masonic Education between the degrees.

5. All candidates will recite the obligation during the degrees.

6. All candidate information for registration purposes pertaining to the one-day class must be completed and in the Grand Secretary's office by Wednesday, September 15, 2004.


Call or E-mail your District Deputy Grand Master - his name, phone number and e-mail address is listed in your Lodge Notice.

Petition Hotline: 1-800-990-1935

Location   Area Coordinator    Regional Ritualistic Inst.    Grand Lodge Rep.
Allentown    Larry G. Newhard    Ralph H. Slider, Sr.    Stephen Gardner
Altoona    Dale A. DeLozier    Clifford E. Reed, Sr.    Samuel C. Williamson
Bloomsburg    Luther J. Black    John W. Haines, Jr.    Robert L. Dluge, Jr.
Coudersport    G. Robert Grant    Leonard F. Treat    George H. Hohenshildt
Erie    Kim W. Jeffreys    William Rabbitt    Edward H. Fowler, Jr.
Harrisburg    Gary P. Wendt    Jeff Moyer    Jeffrey W. Coy
New Castle    Fred J. Livingston    Harvey E. McNabb    Thomas K. Sturgeon
Philadelphia    D. Michael Smith    John A. Rose    Donald L. Albert
Pittsburgh    William M. Kratzenberg    Byrl J. Johnson, Sr    William Slater II
Reading    Russell W. Baker    Larry A. Buzzard    Marvin A. Cunningham, Sr.
Scranton    Alfred W. Kotula, Sr.    Walter F. Lindemuth    Edward O. Weisser
Uniontown    Jeffrey M. Wonderling    Byrl J. Johnson, Sr.    James L. Ernette
Williamsport    A. James Bryden    Richard L. Tubo    Ronald A. Aungst, Sr.

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