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AN UNFORGETTABLE DAY for two new Brothers came about when Grand Master Dluge agreed to Make Masons-At-Sight...
In June the Right Worshipful Grand Master presented the John Wanamaker Masonic Humanitarian Medal to Joe Paterno...
... and more so! However, this photo album from the June 2001 Quarterly Communication shows that this even can be described with one word...FUN!
What do you get when you put 140 Lodge Secretaries in one room? That's what Grand Secretary Don Albert wanted to find out with an over-flow crowd at the Patton Campus....
This very special program will offer six CEU's and will cover topics such as Elder Law, Estate Planning, Advanced Directives, and Power of Attorney (POA).
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Lodges Work Together
Brotherhood is real. and a powerful tool for good in Freemasonry in the great Lehigh Valley...
A Hot Topic
for Acacia and Grand Lodge is the need for better fire prevention and education among students who live in fraternity houses. See how this unique partnership will help to save lives...
Trains, Golf Carts and Roller Coasters
were just some of the amusements which brought Masons to Northumberland County for the Quarterly Communication...
Little League Gets a Big League Boost
from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Learn about this new Masonic commitment to youth...
Grand Lodge Archivist Retires
Bro. Milton Kenin is retiring as Archivist, but he is leaving a legagy of organzied history for those who follow.
Corinthian Hall Gets A Make-Over Corinthian Hall Gets a New Look
When you walk into any of the Lodge rooms at the Masonic Temple, you are awestruck at the beauty and workmanship, but until you see this, you can't imagine how it was ever really done. Our ancient brethren were both artist and engineer...
Training To Serve Training To Serve
District Deputy Grand Masters attended a seminar at the Masonic Conference Center in Elizabethtown on Saturday, January 29, 2000 to learn how to better serve the Lodges in their Districts.
Safety Program Grand Master Presents Safety Programs for Lodges
Lodges need to spread the message that safety is a learned behavior, and we all need a reminder of basic safety procedures. These four programs will be presented in every Lodge in Pennsylvania during the next year....
Visit Germany with the Grand Master Visit Germany with the Grand Master
The Grand Lodge and R.W. Grand Master, Robert L. Dluge, Jr. and his wife Debra, invite you along with your family and friends to a once in a lifetime deluxe vacation to Germany with an option to attend the "Passion Play," an event that only happens every ten years.
Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry
Look for the "Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry" with three "schools for learning" to begin sessions this spring at the Masonic Homes and the Masonic Conference Center at Elizabethtown.
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