Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry Look for the "Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry" with three "schools for learning" to begin sessions this spring at the Masonic Homes and the Masonic Conference Center at Elizabethtown.

The Pennsylvania Academy will consist of three vital tracks of learning whereby the individual Mason will be able to improve his personal knowledge and his knowledge of the Fraternity. Those tracks will be: a school for ritual, seminars for leadership, and an academy for Masonic knowledge. The dates for the sessions are Saturday, Mar. 11, and Saturday, Oct. 14.
Bro. Robert L. Dluge, Jr., R. W. Grand Master explained, "The purpose is to strive for excellence in our Fraternity by offering our members an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Freemasonry, its origins, history, and ritualistic work and to impart skills and planning information for their lodge leadership."

In addition, the Academy sessions will be preceded on Friday by a special educational seminar for attorneys, certified public accountants, trust officers, and insurance professionals on charitable giving and the relationship of our Masonic Homes and Masonic Charities to that endeavor.

In the Grand Lodge School of Instruction, Regional Instructors and Principals of the Schools of Instruction will exemplify the ritualistic work. This exemplification will replace several of the Regional Schools of Instruction. Bro. Dluge emphasized, "Through the Grand Lodge School of Instruction, we are striving for the excellence in our ritualistic work that is so vital to the philosophy, motivation, and traditions of our Fraternity."

The program for leadership will be the return of the effective Wardens Seminars. Junior and Senior Wardens of all lodges in Pennsylvania will be given an opportunity to learn what their jobs entail and be able to plan fully for their service to the Fraternity in a concise, one-day meeting. The ladies of the Wardens will be invited to travel to Philadelphia and Elizabethtown to see our Fraternity in action and to enable them to understand more fully their supporting roles.

"The Academy of Masonic Knowledge" is a new concept being introduced to the Fraternity. It is a learning opportunity based on the 'Academy ' of Ancient Greece," Bro. Dluge said. This Academy will present the finest of Masonic scholars and speakers under the direction of one of Masonry's best-known scholars of our time, Bro. Thomas W. Jackson, R.W. Past Grand Secretary. The speakers will offer a dialogue on the origins of Freemasonry and its relationship and relevancy in today's society.

John Hamill, the Director of Communication for the Grand Lodge of England and one of today's foremost Masonic scholars and authors, will be the keynote speaker for the opening session of the Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry on Mar. 11. Bro. Hamill authored the History of English Freemasonry, the History of World Freemasonry, and several other histories and he served as a co-author of Celebration of the Craft. Previously, he was the Librarian and Curator for the Grand Lodge of England for 16 years.

Written material will be distributed which, along with suggested reading lists, could serve as a home study guide for those interested in expanding their knowledge. Following the Academy session, a home study course will be offered. Upon completion of the home study, the Mason may become a "graduate" of the Masonic Academy, not just by receiving a certificate, but also by improving his knowledge of Freemasonry.
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