Corinthian Hall Gets A Make-Over
New chandeliers were installed last year in Corinthian Hall

The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia requires a physical touch-up from time to time, and when the new chandeliers were installed in 1999 in Corinthian Hall, the additional light, while revealing the detailed beauty of the mosaic-style Grecian murals, showed some areas that needed serious repair efforts. The work could not wait for the summer, and thus required some of the Lodges to meet in a different Lodge room for several months, because of the time it took to setup scaffolding, complete plaster repair, perform intricate and detailed painting, and remove the scaffolding. But everyone who remembers the room before the renovation agrees that it was worth the wait!

All Pennsylvania Masons can be proud of the care that our treasured Masonic Temple receives under the supervision of its Superintendent, Bro. Daniel J. Hinds, and the Grand Lodge Committee on Temple. Because of the quality of regular maintenance and attention to detail during all important periods of renovation, it will remain one of the great wonders of the Masonic World for many years to come.

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