Harry A. Houseman Lodge No. 717

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Welcome to the Master's Corner

Masters Corner


 I missed seeing everyone at the April meeting and congratulations to Bro. Shinn who did
an outstanding job on SW’s night.

The DDDGM has asked us to pass some information along
to the brethren. District D sponsors a CPR class monthly a Tacony Temple, it is open to all
members and their families. The classes are a few hours long and at the end you’ll be certified,
next class is Tuesday April 29, 2014 at 7pm.

The District Funeral team is asking the Lodges to help honor are departed brethren, if you
have the time, contact information can be found on the District D web site under committees.

Masons’ day at Dorney Park will be June 14, 2014. Contact information for can also be found on
the District D web site under committees.

The monthly merger meeting went well, Houseman #211’s by-laws were established
and awaiting Grand Lodge approval. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the May Stated
Meeting May 08, 2014.


George P. Houck Jr.
Worshipful Master