I regret to inform you that we have lost our WAK 211 guestbook along with all of its entries.

The hosting company, LYCOS Inc., in April 2012 found it necessary to discontinue and no longer make available "HTML Gear" of which our guestbook was one of their commodities.

Unfortunately, they did not deem it necessary to contact their users directly ahead of time regarding their decision. I just recently found out about it.

For a limited time, they were offering backups of the guestbook data to users who requested it, but imposed a deadline of June 15. Alas, I found out about their decision just a few days ago. I wrote to them requesting a backup of our guestbook, but was told that since the deadline had passed the data was gone and they could do nothing to help.

I am very saddened by these circumstances and feel we have a lost, albeit a small, but still important piece of our history. Needless to say, I will never engage LYCOS Inc. for any reason in the future and have told them as much.

I am currently exploring other options and hope to have a new guestbook up and running soon. Stay tuned.